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Google Adwords

A new guide has been released by Google called  “guide to keywords” for AdWords advertisers. It includes best practices for keyword targeting in search campaigns.

This guide is accessible at :

A list of the few advices contained in the white book

Your Website

Stay on top of your site’s offerings. Find any gaps between your site’s content and your
keyword list.

Your Products

Be sure that you’re bidding on core product keywords. When your audience is at the end
of the buying cycle they’ll be searching for a specific product or service. If you’re a retailer,
things like product names and models can make for high-performing keywords.

Your Brand

Remember the value of your branded terms as well. If you deal with multiple products, add keywords that are combinations of your brand name and high-volume products that people often search for in the same query.

The Research Process of Your Customers

What are all of the different ways that they could potentially search for what you’re offering?  Map out their research process and be sure that you’re present at every step.


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