Buy local – We help the merchants during the covid-19

Buy local

We see the stores closing one after the other regardless of the country at the time of writing this article.
We hear criticism on large platforms such as amazon which monopolizes electronic commerce and which would cause fierce competition to small retailers.

And this coronavirus which comes to harm the whole economy.

You say to yourself, yeah it’s not going well in the world …

I am confined to my home as a lot of people but I see at the moment an opportunity of change of mentality for the trade.

Primo: Buy local

If you can and respecting the sanitary instructions, buy local.

Deuxio: The traders who could sell online must do it !!!

I’ve been hearing the critics for years that #amazon is killing small businesses, but when you ask merchants why they don’t do online business, there are no clear answers … too complicated, not expert, etc.

Tercio: Take action !!!

You have no choice. You are confined to your home!
Take advantage of these moments to plan the present and especially the future
to get into electronic commerce.

This is where we can help you !!
Step 1: Set up a mini website to sell your products online

Step 2: Set up the logistics to sell your products

For these 2 steps, contact us !!!

We have experience in website building and basic simplified logistics to start selling online.

To help you in step 1 we found this promotion

$ 150 CAD to set up a mini e-commerce site
Web hosting costs reduced to 50% for the next 3 months

Registration via this link:

Use the following promo code to take advantage of this promotion:

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