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Since august 2014, le and his president Philippe Waterloos are registered on Nuzulu web site  :

Do you know NUZULU ?

Newzulu Canada is a groundbreaking news platform with a community of over 100,000 professional and citizen journalists that publishes photos, videos and articles from around the world. Our team of editors validates each submission and makes them available for sale in a global marketplace of 7000 newspapers, websites and magazines. This is a revolutionary new way for both amateurs and professionals to get paid for their original content.

We believe that citizen journalism represents a crucial part of the future of news because it responds to the demand for instant eyewitness information and original content from all parts of the globe.

With digital technology now allowing citizens to report the news as they witness it, Newzulu Canada provides the platform to publish these stories and offer them to broad network of media outlets.

Newzulu Canada has no affiliation or agenda other than to publish and distribute stories as you see them, and we allow you to get paid for your content when it is licenced by other media outlets.

Your stories are instantly received by the Newzulu Canada newsroom and, once we’ve verified your content, our sales team work to license it to over 7000 media outlets worldwide.

We welcome professional photographers, videographers, and writers but we know that anyone, anywhere can break amazing news. So if you’re in the right place at the right time to snap that photo, capture that video, or you find a story that the world has to hear – Newzulu Canada can share your story with the world

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