Since 1998, Le Nomade.Com is specialized with Filemaker database.

The combination between Filemaker and Php is another expertise for Le

In 2004, Philippe Waterloos has been the co-founder of the francophone filemaker association FMQC.CA.
In 2005, a session training has been given to the members of the association regarding the development with Php and Fileamaker.

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Recent development

[ Client: Stewart museum ] Montreal / Canada
Web site made with WordPress. Php programming and Filemaker database.

This web site, 1812: Archive Secrets is to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812 by allowing all Canadians to access crucial information. It will also help us understand this defining chapter in our history and the impact it had on our country.

Previous development

 [ Solution: E-Story ] Montreal / Canada
Storyboarding system made with Filemaker. Credits: Philippe Waterloos

 [ Client: Vidéographe ] Montreal / Canada
CMS development with a Filemaker database. Design created by a partner. 
Credits: Philippe Waterloos

[ Solution: CJVMA ] Montreal / Canada
Web Site of the CJVMA museum, Filemaker programming and web version. 
Credits: Philippe Waterloos / Paisley Software.

 [ Client: Fédération des journalistes du Québec – FPJQ ] Montreal / Canada
CMS development with a Filemaker database for membership.
Web site made with Php for database consultation.


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