How to sell on groupon?

What is the point of selling Groupon in Canada?

Groupon is a merchant site just like Amazon but with a rather unique feature. Indeed, Groupon offers discounts to its customers in the form of a purchase coupon. For a short period of time, potential buyers can take advantage of exceptional offers: discounts often exceeding 50%. In addition to being limited in time, these products are supposedly available only in limited stock. This creates an urgency of course in the mind of the customer who then presses to buy before the stock or the time runs out.

For a new company that wants to develop its sales, or an existing company that wants to develop new markets, Groupon is an ideal platform to promote its brand and products.


Groupon in Canada

Groupon in Canada stands out in 2 entities, Groupon Quebec and Groupon Canada. The latter deals with sales all across Canada except for Quebec which has a dedicated Groupon.

How to sell on Groupon: the 4 steps to follow

How to sell on Groupon? It boils down to 4 basic steps:

Contact Groupon and introduce yourself

To do this, simply fill out a presentation form where you fill out some data about you, including what products you want to sell through them.

For Quebec, use the website

For the rest of Canada, use


Collaborate with a sales manager, a buyer

If your products look interesting by Groupon, a sales manager also named buyer, will contact you and ask you all kinds of questions to determine the resale potential of your products.

Whether it is for Groupon Québec or Canada, you will have to convince them that your products are very expensive on the Internet but that for Groupon you will sell them with a substantial discount for customers.

Together, you will determine your selling price: it must be attractive enough for your product to be visible and triggers purchase intentions, while allowing you to generate a sufficient margin.


Sales campaign: get ready to deliver on time!

When your offer goes online, all your teams will have to be ready to fulfill the orders. Be prepared, have your stocks with good inventories. The logistics will have to be foolproof and the products you sell free of defects, as on all other sales platforms


Optimize your campaigns to increase your sales

When you have your own commercial site, you have access to a lot of useful tools to analyze and develop your clientele accordingly. Fortunately, the same goes for Groupon, which offers its partners many online tools for:

  • consult the evolution of sales,
  • consult sales campaigns,
  • track the payments of your orders.

From these indicators, you will be able to develop your sales and new campaigns with Groupon.

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