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Do you have the time and budget to hire a full-time resource to manage your web site? If the answer is no, then we can help you with your website that needs to be updated regularly to attract and retain customers.

The Nomade.Com offers to outsource your websites management services more commonly called web-mastering.
Our webmaster services are broad and tailored to your needs and budget.

Here is a partial list of our services:

  • Management and editorial content, webmaster service.
  • English content translation into French or vice versa.
  • Optimizing content for search engines (SEO).
  • Managing your social communities (SMO).
    • Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter.
  • Manage your suppliers and host your website.
  • Managing your IT development with suppliers
  • Managing your marketing campaigns with aWords.
  • Managing your mail advertising campaign with MailChimp.
  • Manage your email accounts.
  • Ergonomic analysis and review website.
  • Prototyping with Axure software.
  • Ergonomic validation iPad or Android applications.
  • WordPress website management.
  • Website Hosting and Filemaker database.
  • Photography and graphic design.

Your budget

We usually operate in terms of time bank and with regressive rates for long-term mandates. Contact us for more information.

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