UX design

Web ergonomy, usability, accessibility for Internet, Intranet, E-commerce, Apps and software.

Usability is the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object (source Wikipedia). UX design can be applied to any object of use such as a software application, website, book, toolmachine, process, or anything a human interacts with. At le nomade.com we target web sites, web apps, tablet or mobile apps.

UX research can be done as a study and conducted as a primary step to create a new web site or an existing one.

Our goal in UX concept is to make websites easier for the end user, without the need to follow a dedicated learning. Users must be able to reconcile intuitively between actions that must be performed on the Web page, and other interactions he sees in his life (for example, press a button causes an action).

We have a strong expertise among banks and educational companies.


Software for rapid prototyping : Axure.


Contracts and/or clients

[ Client: Desjardins ] Montreal / Canada
Intranet tool created to manage complaints from clients.
Prototype was produced to accelerate the programming team with a agile process.
This web site was the fusion between two different guidelines.
Php programming was used to create a high fidelity prototype with different data input.

[ Client: Desjardins ] Montreal / Canada
A Framework has been created in PHP to get a better prototyping system. With this framework, low and high fidelity prototypes could be on the same platform. A single prototype could show you all the previous deliveries in production. Finally, this system gave the possibility to create static html web page using the HTTrack.

[ Contract : Les éditions CEC ] Montreal / Canada
Set-up of an iPad reading application and its improvement on writing tools.
Usability testing on iPad and UX design for the very first projects on white board courses.

[ Contract : Chenelière éducation ] Montreal / Canada
Architecture, UX design and implementation of a new web Platform with ebook reading capabilitites.


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